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Alfred White Memorial Cup – Sunday Points Series

One of the most magnificent and historic trophies in the Essex Yacht Club, this is raced for each season in a series of nine points races on Sundays. If nine races are sailed in the series, the best six results count towards the final total. Any series with multiple races over the duration of a sailing season is a real test of sailing skill, seamanship and boat maintenance. Winds, weather and tides will vary throughout the sailing months, meaning that only helms who can sail well in conditions which range from the lightest breeze to a strong wind will be able to win. The current holder of the trophy is Jonny Wells and Tim Browne in Tango.




EOD Championship

This is also an historic trophy, which dates back to the days of the Essex One Design, the wooden predecessor of the Estuary One Design boat currently sailed. It is a one-off championship race, usually held in June or July starting from the EYC start line, and is always hotly contested. The Current holder is Tim Browne inTango.




Estuary Championships

Another great test of sailing skills, this is usually a four race weekend series held in September. Poor weather conditions on the Saturday meant that this year it was held over three races on the Sunday It differs from most other EOD racing in that it has a committee boat start and sails an ‘Olympic’ style course with laid temporary buoys, giving the opportunity for a lot of close action. Tim Browne won this trophy in 2018, in his boat Tango.




Velsheda Trophy

This is an Interclub Trophy for 18 foot boats which is raced for annually at the EYC. The current holder is Jonathan Wells (Tango), who also won the Rickard bowl as the first EYC boat in the 2017 race. There is also a prize for the runner-up, the GWS Beecroft Trophy, which is currently held by Trevor Edwards sailing Samba.



John Swann Decanter

This is a trophy in memory of a late class captain who had a great influence on the EOD Class, John Swann, and is a three race series usually held over a bank holiday period. John Chapman won the trophy in 2018 in Duetto.




Ian Perkin Decanter

This is also a memorial trophy for a much-loved former class captain. It is a one-off race around an EYC course. The current holder is Tim Browne helming Tango.




Tony Moore Memorial Tea Caddy

This is also a trophy competed for in memory of a late class captain as a one-off race around an EYC course. It is unusual in being an antique tea caddy rather than a cup or decanter, a reference to Tony’s working life as a tea trader. The current holder is Jonny Wells in Tango.


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